Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Week of the Internship

The rest of the first week at TNI has gone pretty smoothly. I have been able to get more acquainted with my co-workers and to get more knowledge about some other things that TNI has to offer.

I got a loaner laptop so I can check my company e-mails. For some reason the Mac that I work with at the company wasn't being able to be set up so I didn't have any access to the Internet while at work. My supervisor Jeff was very nice and got me a loaner IBM Laptop so I can be able to access all the info that I need, including the TNI Intranet website where I can check some useful information. They are also trying to give me some monthly points so I can exchange them for product. I hope they can get that done so I can have access to some nice perks like shampoos, soaps, vitamins, shakes, etc.

Also on Friday, Jeff and Brian (who is another person that works at my deparment) registered me with so I can have access to tutorials in all imaginable program softwares. I am currently exploring Adobe Illustrator, but soon I will be looking at Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, etc. I want to be able to have more than basic knowledge in those programs. is expensive and I am lucky to have the chance to take those tutorials for free.

I am excited for my second week at the internship. I am excited to be able to add more workload to what I already have.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Internship at Tahitian Noni International

Since the semester ended on April 10th, I have moved down to Utah for the Summer. I started an internship at Tahitian Noni International, creator of the Tahitian Noni Juice, a powerful beverage with high amounts of antioxidants and a great deal of goodness.

Check it out at:

I started the internship this last Monday and I am going to be helping them with product positioning and some changes in company material. I am very excited about this internship.

On Monday I received some general training, where I was able to watch some videos about how the company started, got familiar with the building I am going to be working at, and also went on a tour to the American Fork production plant. It was very interesting to watch the process of making the juice and getting it ready to be delivered to customers.

On Tuesday I started at the actual office and just more acquainted with the culture of the company. I was able to watch 3 additional videos with testimonials from IPC's (Independent Product Consultants), with the Company founders and some Marketing related aspects. It was very nice and eye-opening to me to have access to that information. I also asked my supervisor to review the Employee Manual since it has some misspellings and also some visual aspects that need to be improved. He agreed to let me review the manual and that's what I did on Wednesday during my time at the office.

Today I received the company style guide and how they want to portray the image of the company to a company level, a product level, a distributor level, and a results level. It was interesting to notice the different color schemes that are used for each different area. They also use different pictures and different logos, as well as small graphic elements that have an incredible impact on the material produced. Today has been the best day so far. I also kept working on the Employee Manual. I still have a long way to go but I am excited about the possible outcomes. I also got acquainted with the personal care line that TNI carries. Some changes are going to be made to the product profiles and I am going to contribute to that project.

I am still not sure what is going to happen tomorrow but I am for sure looking forward to it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

IBC - Continued

The Semester is almost over and we are about to shut down our business. It has done great and for the 2 stock prices we had the highest price per share - $22 and $23 respectively.

i-bambino is going to close down this Friday, April 3rd. I am going to miss working with it but at the same time it will be relieving to know that the semester is going to be OVER and that I am going to start on my internship at Tahitian Noni International, at the Marketing department. I am excited for the challenge.

Now it is just a matter of getting things ready to move down to Utah.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

IBC - Integrated Business Core

IBC, or Integrated Business Core, is a program that BYU-Idaho offers for all its Business Students. It is part of the Junior/Senior year and basically the students take classes (Organizational Behavior, Finance, Supply Chain Management and Marketing) while operating a business on-campus.

Company B, which is the company that I belong to, is running i-bambino, which sells a delicious scone-like pizza pocket called Bambino. We are doing very well. Our stock price is the highest of the four companies, priced at $22 a share. They base the stock price on realistic criteria, which made me very proud.

I am currently the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of the company. It has been a challenge for me but I hope I am doing a good job. Again we are all students and we are all learning, but it has been a good experience so far.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I haven't posted on this blog for a while, and that is because I have been working on things that I could add to it. Since now I have an account with LinkedIn, I decided to keep updating the blog so people can have access to it through LinkedIn.

I will be posting samples of the work that I have been doing, as well as info on where I am standing when it comes to careers.

Again, should you have any questions, please contact me.